Daily Flora Balance Probiotic

AVALIFE™ Daily Flora Balance is a symbiotic formula containing premium, documented probiotic strains that yield 3 billion Colony Forming Units (CFU’s) and is specially formulated to help maintain daily gut health. The 5-strain formulation is tailor made to address the major cause of improper digestion and compromised gut health. A suitable daily prebiotic & probiotic formula that helps overcome lactose intolerance. Our strains are acid and bile resistant, making AVALIFE™ Daily Flora Balance more potent.

AVALIFE™ Daily Flora Balance’s unique probiotic formula shows a synergistic effect as using premium quality probiotics can help you create flora balance within your gut and support your health and wellbeing.


When ingested regularly AVALIFE™ Daily Flora Balance should improve or normalise the microbial balance in the intestines and thereby improve the functioning of the digestive tract


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